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Custom Candles.

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About Us


Committed to Quality

Roman Candle Company is the most unique of all candle stores. Modern designs, generation old techniques, eco-friendly materials, and customer service gives us our ability to customize on demand. 

We sell private labeled/blank candles to customers around the Country. Our high customization, and high output capacity makes Roman Candle Company a good choice for any large event, promotional, or retailer. 


Best Materials & Customization

We hand-make all of our candles in the USA. All packaging and materials are designed, grown, and/or manufactured in the USA. We love our country and love our customers too.  

We use soy wax, coconut wax, and either FSC certified wood or 100% cotton wicks. Everything we make, we happily burn in our own homes.  


Business as Unusual

Private events, promotional gifts, and a quick ship personal gift to your loved ones.  We cover it all and are quick to respond.  Did we mention quick?

Thank you for supporting your local businesses.

Wholesale Pricing. Low Minimum Order. Quick Turnaround.

Request Quick Quote Now! (Average Response Time: 4 hrs as of 3/3/2019)

Contact Us.

Whether you want one of Roman Candle Company's customized candle for your loved one, one hundred candles at your next event, or one thousand candles in your retail stores, we make it happen. Email us and one of our loving staff members will help. 

Roman Candle Company

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

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